5 income strategies for career changers

5 Income Strategies For Career Changers

What kept me in my soul sucking corporate job for way too long was the money honey! How would I pay the bills? How would I survive?

Can you relate, have these thoughts crossed your mind as well?

Here are 5 very practical income options to consider so that you can transition out of a job that is getting you down and into a career that brings you real satisfaction ….

1. Declutter, Downsize & Minimise (just temporarily)

Our expenses always find a way to match our current income so of course we are afraid of giving up our jobs! When you desire something new for yourself it helps to create space for something new to come in. It’s time to purge unneeded or unused memberships, subscriptions and even rooms in your house!

I thought moving out of our 4 bedroom home and in to a two bedroom unit was a disaster in the beginning! My step son was under my feet and I felt like I was living in a shoe box. But, the sliver lining was that it actually bought our family unit so much closer, reduced our expenses and later enabled us to spend 6-months in Spain while renting out our apartment.

2. Reduce Your Hours

When I returned from Spain I had a firm plan to meet with my CEO and negotiate a reduction in hours to 3-days per week. Having already reduced my expenses by culling what was not essential for right now I knew we could still get by in reasonable comfort while I carved out my new career and business. I was highly valued by my employer so I knew he would be open to having this conversation.

3. Consult to Your Industry

You may want to run a mile from your current industry however while you are transitioning into what you really desire, you could use your existing expertise to consult to your industry. Investigate your options now. Who knows, your current employer could be interested in having you head up some special projects part-time.

4. Start Your Business On The Side

The best way to begin your business is with solid market research. When you do this well you will find out ‘who’ it is you are best positioned to serve, what they need help with, where to find them and what kind of service they are willing to buy. Then you can craft an offer and start putting it out there. I started offering kinesiology sessions from an osteopath clinic on Saturdays while still in my job … and some of those clients are still with me today!

5. Get A Part-Time Job

If your request for a reduction in hours is not supported and you know it would serve you to get out of your current environment sooner rather than later, then seek out a part-time job so you have the time and the funds to explore your options and carve out more meaningful work.

Which one of these options are you willing to explore further? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Danielle Gardner,
Career Reinvention Mentor